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Hydronic Heating Product Range

Why choose Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is simply the most effective way to heat your residential home or business.

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is a comfortable and efficient way to heat any residential home or commercial building with numerous benefits over conventional heating including great flexibility in zoning.  A heating principle known to Europeans for centuries is now coupled with leading edge technology to bring you the most effective and healthiest hydronic heating solution available.

Hydronic heating systems are widely recognised as one the most economical and efficient heating systems and you feel warm within 25-35 minutes. Ascot hydronic heating systems, heat the water in a Baxi Luna Gas-fired wall-hung boiler, and then pump it through Gerpex pipes to Zenitherm panel radiators throughout your home. Zenitherm panel radiators are ideal for heating rooms with higher ceilings. The panel radiators, including towel warmers, then transfer heat directly into every surface in the room.

Ascot hydronic heating systems are normally controlled by a central thermostat, which allows to pre-program your preferred on-off times. We can however, fit each panel radiator with a control valve, which allows you to control the heat in each room or an open area, which will deliver lower energy bills in future.

Because there is no dust circulation and air movement with hydronic heating systems your living environment is much healther. They are silent and in future you can add further radiators to your heating system so long as there is sufficent boiler capacity.

Want more information?

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